Pastels… the essence of light

In my imagined aerial paintings I create unique places to travel in uninhabited and as yet unexplored terrain. With a distant view, I either move through the distant space, following waterways that entice me to continue on my course…

Here, I fly alone, in silence. It becomes a meditation.

Traditional Landscapes

Traditionally, over many years of landscape painting, my work was based on real places, either painted en plein air, or from my own photos. The following images are a mixture of real and imagined places, and those that are imagined are still deeply influenced by my former method of painting.


I love puzzles. Creating abstracts is a way to create challenges for myself—the challenge of making something out of nothing and making it work on various levels. Those levels are color, movement, composition, line, intent. Sometimes I succeed in solving that puzzle. When I don’t, it sits in my studio until another attempt resolves it. When it doesn’t resolve, I still learn from the challenge.

Since I treat my oil abstracts similarly to my pastel abstracts, and the connection is obvious, I have included them here.

Selected Favorites